Sexual Health & Hormone Optimization

Treatment of a variety of sexual & hormonal issues including men's/prostate health, vaginal health, energy levels and more.

Sexual Health & Hormone Replacement Whitefish, MT

Sexual health and hormone optimization is a multifaceted issue that is very complex and needs individualized treatment. Not all patients can or should receive hormone replacement. Nor is this a single option that should be administered without an overall health assessment. Hormone balancing is only one of many aspects of sexual health. Appropriate diagnoses and treatment plans should be individualized and have the patient’s health and safety and as a priority. Claire has over 20+ years experience in helping men and women with hormone and sexual health issues. We are able to offer a complete assessment and offer multiple modalities that may include various treatment plans for the issue at hand. Hormone optimization, laser treatments, medications and other modalities, as well as referral to specialty clinics may be recommended.

Why Should Somone Consider Treatments?

As a medical provider, Claire is able to assess and diagnose various medical conditions. If you are having issues with urinary incontinence, painful intercourse, sexual desire, low energy, skin laxity, or other functions, we have multiple treatment options to offer you.

Why Whitefish Creative Aesthetics?

At Whitefish Creative Aesthetics and Medical Services, we are able to offer a full medical assessment and ongoing services with an experienced medical provider that will always put your health and safety first. We offer multiple approaches and treatment plans that are never a one size fits all. You will have access to your own medical provider with any questions regarding your treatment plan. Claire will also work directly with your primary care provider to ensure you get well-rounded coordination of care.

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